Skin conditions are one of the most frequently encountered problems in our practice. Most dermatologic conditions seen at Tongass Veterinary Services are attributable to Canine Atopic Dermatitis, also known as allergies. Atopy is a very common problem for dogs. It makes for an uncomfortable and itchy day to day life, and often leads to secondary infections, more discomfort and more problems.

The general idea is that the skin becomes inflamed with allergies. Its normal functions as an organ and a barrier are broken down. This leads to more absorption of allergens, more skin damage and secondary infections. Bacterial and fungal infections secondary to unhealthy skin are common, and add insult to injury. ​

Most allergy problems are environmental in origin. Food allergies may occur as well. These problems can potentially be managed. If you have an itchy dog, a dog with constant ear infections, a dog who always chews at their feet or any combination of these, please schedule a consultation with a Veterinarian at Tongass.