Tongass Veterinary Services is proud of our full service hospital capabilities. We offer hospitalized care for dogs and cats. If your pet is critically ill, they are provided quality nursing care in our hospital. While in the hospital, your pet is watched closely by our experienced and compassionate staff.

All hospitalized patients have intravenous catheters in place and IV fluids are utilized whenever necessary. These fluids are administered by the use of a fluid pump to ensure that an animal’s prescribed treatment plan is carried out precisely. Constant rate infusions with the use of a syringe pump are utilized if necessary. Blood and plasma transfusions are utilized when necessary. If an animal cannot or will not eat, a feeding tube is placed. Our goal is to do what it takes to the best of our capabilities

We stock a complete pharmacy, ensuring that anything your pet may need is immediately available.

Our in house laboratory and monitoring equipment help us to closely monitor the status of the critical care patient. ​

Patient comfort is important and the nursing staff adheres to strict standards.