We understand euthanasia can be a hard decision. If you are thinking about this for your pet, please don’t hesitate to schedule an exam and consultation regarding your options. Don’t be afraid to bring it up. There are no judgments made and a Veterinarian at Tongass is more than comfortable discussing anything you’d like to.

At Tongass, the process of euthanasia is very simple. We handle or medicate your pet accordingly based on their temperament, disease state, fear level, etc.. We meet in the exam room. Typically we take the pet to the treatment area to place an intravenous catheter. We then return the pet to the exam room with the owner and give them some time. The veterinarian returns and administers euthanasia solution in the IV catheter. This is simply an overdose of an anesthetic medication. It’s like falling asleep for surgery. Pain-free, calm, and simple.

It’s your choice what will be done with your pet’s remains. You are welcome to take them with you. Please don’t allow wildlife to get into the carcass as the euthanasia solution can be very dangerous to birds and wildlife. Cremation is also an option and we can help facilitate it through VFS Pet Cremation or Ketchikan Pet Services.