pet Ultrasound exam
Sonogram of a gallbladder mucocoele

Ultrasound is an essential imaging modality in any modern-day practice. Numerous disease conditions cannot be diagnosed without it. A proper treatment plan cannot be prescribed without an accurate diagnostic workup. In many cases, just an x-ray doesn’t show what a veterinarian needs to know to provide an owner with proper guidance in decision-making for their sick pet.

For example, a very sick pet recently visited us for vomiting and lethargy. An ultrasound exam showed that he had a gallbladder mucocoele. This is a life threatening condition and required emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder. Without ultrasound, this patient’s ailment would have gone undiagnosed. Medical management would have failed and this pet would have died. Thanks to ultrasound alone, this patient was successfully treated and is doing well today.