Tongass Veterinary Services checkup for all dogs and cats


We recommend an annual wellness visit/checkup for all dogs and cats. Starting with a puppy/kitten series of checkups and vaccines at 9, 12 and 16 weeks of age, it is our goal to provide guidance on how to maintain a healthy life for your pet. 

We schedule 30 minute appointments with the veterinarian. This is your time to ask any questions and address any issues or concerns the you may have about your pet. During this time a thorough physical exam is always performed. 

We follow the vaccination guidelines set forth by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners

We carry and endorse Hill’s nutrition products. We offer nutritional counseling and recommend Prescription Diet products for a variety of special needs patients. ​

Annual checkups are an essential part of your pet’s healthcare plan. All sorts of pathological conditions that an owner is unaware of are detected at routine appointments regularly. From puppy or kitten hood to their geriatric days, Tongass can provide a thorough assessment and comprehensive maintenance plan for your pet.